Latest photos on Facebook of moments captured Tram Huong Cao Thai Son romantic hug her waist from behind
Tram Anh Tuan Bui Huong and each stick suspicious feelings since the two young singers singing Vietnamese participants. But, post- contest, champion and Tram Huong Bui Anh Tuan scandal prince appeared together less than. Instead, recently, Huong Tram audience that continuously published intimate photographs and Thai SonNgay high today, Tram Huong's Facebook page appeared a picture of Thai Son Cao hugged her feelings from behind. The pages of Cao Thai Son, he shared intimate moments with her new girlfriend and incense reminds kick up again tomorrow in the city of Da Lat dreamy . Just as before, audience guessing about dating Cao Thai Son and Hong Que long legs close together when both MV new song ideas that anhNhieu, MV is even close . Also, the beauty of Vietnamese showbiz as Van Que, Hong Que, Tram Huong did not hesitate to publicly Cao Thai Son romantic side to add the names of attention
Source : megafun.vn
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