Clip sex chat room 's Jiyeon ( T- ara ) have revived

17/05/2013 » divertissement » Tổng Hợp »
Picture Jiyeon sex chat room was hauled back to homepage Core Contents Media. Core Contents Media has confirmed that its homepage hacker attack yesterday on 15/5Ngay, when a user visits the site of the entertainment company will see some clips, including the clip that netizens had used as evidence Jiyeon 's character in a 2010 clip in sex chat. At that time, Core Contents Media has denied the claim in the clip and just someone who looks like JiyeonNgoai clip sex chat, on the front page of yesterday's Core Contents Media also clip Japanese manga Shingeki no Kyojin and some conservationists truongCho clip this time, we do not know who carried out the attack. We are planning to change the system of corporate network security. In addition, We also filed a request to the police because it was an act of vandalism and defame. Home has been restored but still not back to normal operation represents entertainment company Core Contents Media to bietMac though hackers identity has not been found . Jiyeon Hong Jiang
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