Along with wife Thuy Tien, Bo he will open a restaurant called Bobo in San Jose. I also help her enthusiasm for the groom Danish School of Management as well as the types of food and drink in restaurants
Dan Truong control panel menu preferences. From USA, Danish School he decided to reveal small restaurants open their spouses before the opening of up to 20 days to \. In this time, Bo and his wife will spend time regularly frequented the restaurant to help familiarize staff with room service or special dishes Bobo Drink. In his restaurant Bo, The menu has over 140 dishes, unique beverages. To prepare for restaurants, Where did the Danish couple with more than 140 menu items to eat, drinks. Bo He said his restaurant's menu . British humor to know that your music preference \, for the majority of the songs are love thichMe Thuy Tien 's business capital is a well-known chef in San Jose but has \, a long time. Now, daughter and son -in-law to open a restaurant, She decided to help the food was delicious and the more pure Vietnamese honBen impressive addition, Dan Truong also thanks his head in Hanoi FC United to help manage the restaurant during the early. She is a fan of capital management is sticking with his gut Bo has a lot of ups and downs in his career. Go Now, Girls FC that growth is no longer like a dear sister of Dan Truong. It is therefore, whether a company vice president of food in the country but she still work arrangements to help the San Jose restaurant manager brother until things become more stable. With the help of the heart and the whole family, Danish School Drink Bobo hopes will soon grow into a larger system in the state with many Vietnamese people living. This is the first business after his marriage Bo. The singer is hoping his brand will become chain stores . The singer decided to open the store earlier than expected as long as 20 days for \, for staff. Singer and his wife spent a lot of enthusiasm for the restaurant Bobo. Mother Thuy Tien will help young couples by assuming the position of head chef restaurants. Dan Truong is a gourmet drink Thuy Tien also smart about the business to be both very confident in the success of this restaurant building. The image of the Danish School of fast chatter about opening the restaurant in San Jose U.S.. GATheo Infonet
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