noon 228, a traffic accident caused one death and one seriously injured occurred on Highway 1A in Binh Tan Plong, TPBien Hoa, Dong Nai
According to initial information, about 10 hours, BKS motorcycle brought by pension 60N2 8999 ( 25 years old, Dong Nai live ) controls, behind another one carrying traffic in the direction of Ho Chi Minh City in Dong Nai. As soon as the Dong Nai slope collision with a motorcycle run the same way that two people on a motorcycle down the road. At the time of the accident at 51C tanker carrying 12366 BKS same way traffic back to work. Being unexpectedly, driver does not handle making the wheels rolled over his assets to the victims died on the spot. The seat of the car was seriously injured, people are hospitalized in a state of emergency polytrauma thuongVu accident caused by road traffic congestion daiLuc serious drag function of police presence TPBien Hoa regulate traffic and ground processing. To nearly 12 hours on the same day, normal traffic laiTin, Sy Binh image
Source : thanhnien.com.vn
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Thứ Tư, 16/07/2014
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