Nightingale brown hair with overwhelming votes in the race to find faces MTV European competition
Up to 24 days 27/7, total number of voting shares received from the singer 's fans to 10 68 257. The following arrangement with 33 795 votes My Mind, Dong Nhi 20511 votes, 365 5752 group votes, Thu Minh 3308 votes, Noo Phuoc Thinh 1733 votes, Uyen Linh 1003 votes, Vietnamese Khac 751 votes, Tuan Hung 657 votes, Phuong Thanh 432 votes, Lam Truong 315 votes. Singer My Tam With votes accounted for 50 % of total, American Heart overwhelming victory last 3 candidate next Dong Nhi singer, 365 groups and Thu MinhNu Vietnamese singers and music fans prepare to race on a new international stature. The race started with the election within the same area 5 artists representing Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. Detail how the vote will be updated soon on MTV Vietnam NamBan facebook organizers said, No information is from the official MTV EMA 2013. If you keep voting the way as the prize in 2012 , on the mobile web, on the facebook app or mobile app thuongMTV of the EMA ( Europe Music Awards ) by MTV Networks Europe . After 18 times as a VMA organization of eurozone, EMA has now become an opportunity to praise the music products worldwide audience favorite. MTV EMA 2012 MTV broadcast the global system with more than 60 channels. In this, Awards to be held in Holland / The Communications Center / Vnexpress
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