Supply Resonance Africa, the film's sexy Tan Kim Binh Mai upcoming 3D projector itself continues to show a knack for naked pictures on the plastic duck that says this is her idea back to childhood
There is no doubt say , Can Lo Lo is \, a competitor , Moon Palace is Africa. By the \, and \, Her Phan Kim Lien has reached the point where the most recent appearance with short outfits puppy, open to 2/3 of the chest at a car exhibition held in Shanghai in late April last. Supply Resonance Africa at the car exhibition in Shanghai. While many people shook their heads bored, do not understand the idea of costumes on the \, what is, African Palace Moon is very pleased with this picture. She has paid attention to all the feedback and \, knowing Vietnam newspapers also wrote about his. Immediately after returning from Shanghai, Supply Resonance Africa to Hong Kong for a hot photo shoot of adult magazines. This time, Phan Kim Lien costar is not solid anymore, which is a yellow plastic duck fresh. On the blogs, Supply Resonance Africa almost the entire share this photo series with commentary ( the spirit ) of children now no longer interested in the plastic ducks floating on the water bath so the combination of the sexy photos will make . With photos taken in Hong Kong, Supply Resonance Africa to take the viewer (especially the men ) back to childhood. In addition to the new image capture, African Palace Moon did not forget to promote responsible, propaganda films Tan Kim Binh Mai 3D. She continually updates the image in the blog series with floating annotations, ornate. But, until this, the film's release schedule has not been announced, just described generally as \. Add a few hot pictures of Kim Binh Mai Tan 3D movies. ANH DUONG
Source : infonet.vn
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