The patient said, one person in the village to show HCMC learned tricks u0026 ldquo , u0026 ldquo respiratory variables , cylinder using silicone injections in penis silicone injection should follow the same order. The first day, everyone is glad that u0026 ldquo , suddenly to a mutation. But not long joy, The fishermen began to worry the distortion
Self improvement penis silicone injections, 40 villagers to emergency Because boys want to show bravery man, 40 fishermen during the Olympics, silicone injections by themselves in \u0026 ldquo , minhhanh the shallowness and ignorance did not bring the desired results. Not long after the appearance of complications such rapid swelling, infection leading to gangrene. Even, multiple hospital admissions in dangerous condition, if not timely surgery to cut the risk of always quyBom silicon processing \u0026 ldquo , the \u0026 ldquo , Faculty southern Binh Dan Hospital School HCMC constantly receive many cases of patients hospitalized for complications of silicone injections into \u0026 ldquo , to increase the size hoaThS Images. BS Ba Mai Tien Dung school dean southern Binh Dan Hospital, said, before passing to the penis hospital patients are at risk of serious complications necrosis. This is particularly patients at a very young age, libido is prolific and the fishing profession in a fishing village in the district of Nam ( Ca Mau ) The patient said, one person in the village to show HCMC learned tricks \u0026 ldquo , \u0026 ldquo respiratory variables , using silicon into solar pump cylinder vatTheo what people are sharing made ​​easy operation means that the child can also do theater so everyone auroral response and follow. Young crowd in the village of silicon chip in to buy an unknown from HCM City and \u0026 ldquo , pump out another order. Not only that, some cases reckless use heating oil spread with explosive forming machine liquid and injected into the \u0026 ldquo , everyone is glad that \u0026 ldquo , suddenly to a mutation. But not long joy, The fishermen began to worry because the distortion \u0026 ldquo , pain with signs of inflammation, edema, cyanosis, sex can not be, even the necrosis is not part Davan stunned, \u0026 ldquo patients , HTT ( 29 years old, Nam Can District, Ca Mau Province ) said, drinking with a bunch of your time, the best thing to say is we bring the \u0026 ldquo , a slight endurance test. Firearms of the smallest one will have to sit \u0026 ldquo , in the drinking. Hearing that T. But also eager brutal reality, among you is he who shall stand chotBi pals for a round of ridicule, T. Burned away and raising the Press \u0026 ldquo . Being resentful at the people in the village to city. HCM of tips, silicone injections will improve \u0026 ldquo . As the pile of socks drowning, T. Immediately sent people borrow money to buy immediately and the \u0026 ldquo , luonSau yourself when pumping, about two, Three days after, T. Feel significant effect as \u0026 ldquo , bomber seen. Just thought everything exactly as you like, T. Very glad. While waiting on \u0026 ldquo , pals, I try \u0026 ldquo , with his wife and was surprised when a complete failure. At first he did not believe, but after so many times. Add 10 days to the \u0026 ldquo , His more swollen than, bruising discoloration and unusual smells hoiThay expression, immediately told his wife visit. The district hospital doctors than he requested transfer to hospitals for surgery. \u0026 Ldquo , 're healing yourself suffering wife, lost money carrying disabled, I really regret now \u0026 rdquo , T he. Sigh and regret the foolish act of his own minhTuong T, MVH case patients ( 26 years old ), and the consequences equally tortuous. Hospitalized after a day, \u0026 ldquo , I H. Also have swelling symptoms, pain and the risk of skin necrosis. When I H. Was transferred to, the doctor 's surgery to his right to save the new situation. To date the situation was more stable but H. Still stunned \u0026 ldquo , earlier than his ability to man normal \u0026 rdquo , Hospital School Dean Nam Binh DanMoi noxious weed act dotVoi 10 cases received first, Binh Dan Hospital surgery conducted continuously for 2 weeks and had good results, some patients have been discharged. More than 30 remaining cases will be operated periodically to theoBS. Ba Mai Tien Dung, when the penis had complications from silicone injections, if not timely surgery is dangerous to life. Liquid Silicon washed for a long time will flow into the skin tissues causing edema, septic surgery tuKhi, Doctors must be scraped tissue, cut the entire penis skin to remove all silicone. After 3 months, patients newly formed penis skin by taking up the thigh or scrotal skin. In this period, patient will have difficulty with urination and sexual intercourse can not be. After recovering, these patients can still have sex, likely to give birth as normal . Course \u0026 ldquo , diminished sexual dinhBac most part Dr. Dung also recommends, now, because there are so many men wish to improve \u0026 ldquo , as well as the \u0026 ldquo , the \u0026 ldquo , that arbitrarily silicone injections to increase size. This practice is extremely dangerous. If not cured in time there will be more at risk of losing the ability to man because silicon is exogenous, when the body moves to the more moHon, Liquid silicon containing chemical allergens are prone to distortion, embolism in \u0026 ldquo , infection. On pulmonary vascular causes, can even be fatal if injected improperly cachTheo patient doctor Tien Dung, who felt, inferiority of performance of \u0026 ldquo , therapist needs to be examined and advice. Through examination, Doctors will determine the exact cause and proper treatment should not arbitrarily silicone injections to increase penis size. If patients really want to improve \u0026 ldquo , its, should first carefully examined and selected safety \u0026 ldquo method , there are ways to improve penis size better as injecting silicone or saline bags placed prolonged surgery 2 3cm. But, Surgery is done only for those who are really short penis under 4cm. Last time, the application of artificial skin cells and skin transplant surgery to increase the size of the \u0026 ldquo , has been successful in many patients at Binh Dan Hospital. More, This method causes less postoperative complications, of the transplant surgery to clear class \u0026 rdquo , Dr. Tien Dung said themTheo family
Source : Phapluatvn.vn
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