Protein levels in male sperm is highly recommended if you use it properly mask will help women eliminate acne and skin rejuvenation
, makes a lot of semen and sperm is used to treat various diseases, such as diabetes and depression. The use of sperm has also been applied to treat acne, although no specific studies proving its effectiveness . In theory, the use of masks is considered quite reasonable sperm because sperm contains a number of beneficial nutrients for skin care. As reported by Netdoctor, semen and sperm containing ascorbic acid ( vitamin C ) and vitamin B12 can help women look younger and more beautiful , is the main ingredient in all fibrous tissue. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can detoxify or get rid of toxins and impurities that exist on the surface of daNgoai, antioxidants in semen is a factor in helping to reduce facial wrinkles, effects like egg whites. This is a substance found in all products, specialized medicine and anti-aging acne skin of the brand -name cosmetics , was published in 2000 by Johnson and Everitt author mentions that an ejaculation, men \u0026 ldquo , about a teaspoon of semen, containing 150 mg protein, 11mg carbohydrate, 6mg fat, 3 mg cholesterol, 7 % potassium, copper and zinc , Semen also contains sugars, protein and amino acid, minerals, vitamin, the hormone, lactic acid, urea, uric acid and nitrogen , not surprising that many countries with advanced technology used semen and sperm is one of the treatments of diseases such as diabetes and depression. There are also countries that use sperm as a pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of acne , Skinbeautyvinensia, Healthmedicalscom, Dee newscocc )
Source : baobaovephapluat.vn
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