Increased female Ngoc Nguyen Thanh Ha and Phillip had the same training, share experiences and joys while jogging in the city
This morning ( 25/9 ), Tang Thanh Ha and her husband Phillip Nguyen children were present during the running of the club. Not only the training but also all together to exchange experiences and fun activities to participate in strength training is for the cucDu very busy with the organization of the Vietnamese wild race, but Tang Thanh Ha said, this is about the time she felt most fit, because everything is being carried out as planned. And she has many good colleagues and implement this project
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			Đêm có lúc có mưa rào, ngày nắng

Thứ Năm, 10/07/2014
27°C - 28 °C

			Đêm có lúc có mưa rào, ngày nắng

			Đêm không mưa, ngày nắng, chiều tối có mưa rào và dông
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