President Nicolas Maduro called U.S. counterpart Barack Obama is the big boss of the devil since refused to recognize the election results in Venezuela.
Nicolas Maduro before picture of the late leader Hugo Chavez. Photos from Central America AFPRa, Obama launched a series of insulting remarks, insolent things He's blessed command and right-wing fascist party attacking Venezuela 's democracy, AFP quoted Maduro said yesterday. We protect our institutions, peace, Venezuelan democracy and the people and we can sit down with anyone, including big evil boss Obama, he said. This attack was highly reminiscent of the criticism of his predecessor, Hugo Chavez, aimed at former U.S. president George W. Bush. Chavez had called Bush the devil. During a visit to Costa Rica on 3/5, Obama did not say whether the U.S. Maduro is recognized winner of the presidential election last month or not. He only said that the entire continent is watching violence, protests and opposition crackdown after disputed elections on 14/4. Maduro narrowly winning opposition leader Henrique Capriles formally, leaders try to replace Hugo Chavez. Capriles however refused to accept defeat and that the illegal. I think our general view that the decision depends on the Venezuelan people to choose their leaders in elections legitimate, Obama said while in Costa Rica during the summit meeting of Central American leaders. Maduro accused U.S. financial support for the opposition in Venezuela. The Obama, puppet of the imperialist powers, was poured behind the dollar for the right wing is trying to undermine Venezuela 's democracy, Maduro declared. Tension rising since the election to succeed Hugo Chavez. The government said nine people were killed in several days of protests after the election. The lawmakers from the opposition and pro-government factions to talk to each other even with limbs in Parliament earlier this week. Maduro said that the work had been planned before Obama's visit to Mexico and Central America. Both sides held demonstrations on fifth, and Maduro called Capriles is a child or when not required to accept defeat. The Armor
Source : Vnexpress.net
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