Thanks to the passion and the will, girls are orphans fund, lived in foster care are renowned in the fashion
Wendy Nguyen is known as a fashionista in fashion, owns its own YouTube channel with instructional videos mix costumes, secret shown to preserve or personal style, has attracted more than 402 000 people subscribe to and exceeded 46 million views as of this time. She grew up in the United States and was living in San FranciscoWendy was an orphan girl of Vietnamese origin, lived in foster care to minors 18 years. She shared that I was afraid of becoming homeless, That is the only reason that I apply to university, to have a place to live. Some time later, to leave the company, Wendy boyfriend suggested she use YouTube to express passion as well as sensitivity to fashion his. And that was the beginning of the spread widely after the name Wendy Nguyen doNang this cute fashionista feminine style, luxury, and distribution map as though youthful style, Mischievous is equally elegant, fashionable. Every Day, Wendy cumulative fashion experience by observing nature, art architecture, people around. Nature to teach her how to play with colors, architecture brings knowledge of installation art, and special, She is very much inspired from street fashion. But of course, each drawn ideas are marked by Wendy NguyenCach own style of mixing layer creation armpit orange shirt and white vest, leisurely piece belt with leopard accessories portray the perfect image of a stylish lady, ruWendy Nguyen sexy but elegant personality with denim shirt, black blazer, skinny pants ( tight ) and initiated suede boots. Scarves scarf patterns are becoming more clever focal point batChiec denim shirt Wendy also be effectively combined with beautiful floral skirt matGam black and white are shown with really trendy clothes, white shorts and vest, gram bags bearing the same also applies phanWendy photosensitive material in a smart way with the costumes and accessories, forming an overall eye-catching that comedy hoaTro a lovely lady in graceful dresses, lyChiec colors of black and white checkerboard pants add youthfulness to the outfit blue bars lichTong army jacket and shorts skirts author brings looks strong, Personalize Wendy Nguyen, but high heels and dress three holes late antique charm remains ruYeu tone, along flap deflection graceful skirt and blazer soft coats with horizontal belts WN eoMyttyAnh
Source : ngoisao.net
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