Former member of the Politburo Standing Zhou Yongkang China is falling into house arrest. Whereas, his son, Chu Tan, with Chinese security officials detained in Singapore
Information on Glass by Hong Kong newspaper Ming revealed. Previously, information that the son of former permanent member Zhou Yongkang Politburo Los Angeles came to America to be reunited with his wife. Chu Tan had lived in the United States 8 years, wife still live there 13 years. , by Boxun, site by the Chinese in America , Binh Ngo entrepreneurs in Sichuan was arrested while hiding in Beijing. This person supposedly close to Chu Tan, assigned responsibility for managing the family assets Chu, estimated at billions of dollars. Mr Zhou Yongkang and Chinese President Xi Jinping (R) Photo SCMPHau all assets of the Chu family allegedly involved in corruption and shady deals related to the influence . Source said some hefty property is located in the banking and real estate in the U.S.. Previously, WikiLeaks said the U.S. government believe he Zhou Yongkang head of a group of individuals to benefit from the oil industry 's lucrative China. According to the latest information of the Ming Glass, Chu Tan is said to have fled to California to avoid U.S. anti-corruption agencies in China. But, actual person detained in Singapore. Some observers believe that the corruption case of Zhou Yongkang will entice some other character, Ming Glass also said he was citing Wang Qishan, the head of the Commission for Discipline Inspection Central, ordered surveillance 24/24 individuals relevant cases and Zhou Yongkang confiscated their passports. Rumors regarding his demise spread Zhou Yongkang on last year, Though there is no accurate information,
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